Monday, February 27, 2012

Neot Kedumim

This field trip was one of the best.
The sun was shining. Brightly!
The birds were singing.
The turtles were out and aboooot.
The sheep & goats were..cute.
The campfire was roaring.
And we were hyssoping all the day long!

Hyssop y'all
Neot Kedumim is a Biblical Garden. We learned all about lots of herbs, plants, trees, and flowers -  and we got to see them all up close & personal too.
Dearest Jen and me basking in the meadow

We made like Shepherds and got the flock outta here . . .

Ya herd?
    Baaa ram you.

Cute sweet Sammy Sosa
Sheep Whisperer Extraordinairre

Matching Shepherds right there.

Then we grabbed some firewood, put our nature skills to the test and made delicious pitas, popped wheat nuts, and ate our lunch in a grove of trees.
Made me miss home.
And camping.
A lot.
Firewood. Clearly

Homemade pitas with delicious fig honey!
Harper boys up in a tree

Familyyyy Photo
Just grinding
some Hyssop. Y'all.

Turtle Club

If life hands you melons....
you might be dyslexic 

Glorious day? I submit that it 'TWAS!

Best picture Shealeigh's ever seen . . . 

Ohhhh I almost forgot. We also got to watch a professional Torah Scribe!

Shephelah Shuffle {8,003 skips}

We went to the Shephelah Country and  reenacted the David and Goliath story in the Elah Valley. We even busted out the sling shots and gave a few stones a fling or two, harder than it looks people...harder than it looks! 

It was slightly raining throughout the day - but we didn't mind one bit! 
The rain made the colors POP! Jerusalem is so beautiful and green, and flowers are blooming everywhere. I love it so much. I am so glad that I get to be here during this season!

I am so so glad to be here with Meggi.

I love her. She is my best friend!

Looking up at the group as
they came down into the cave.
We sang hymns in here,
it sounded amazing
Girls making ourselves at home
Just look at this beauty!
The second part of the day we went to  Beit Guvrin, one of Israel's National Parks, and played around in Maresha. This city was so cool ! We went UNDERGROUND and played inside the caves, where we found wine presses, rooms, tombs, cisterns, pigeon farms . . . the works!

wine press
Just living the life
Classic pic with Prof. Ludlow

The caves were tons of fun to explore around in! They were like mazes! And, they gave us a break from standing outside in the rain all day : )

The last cavey thing we went into was a tomb room . . .

{Standing in front of the entrance}


Very cool day in Jeru. I loved seeing this different ancient way of life and culture. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sir Roberto is 95

Happy Birthday Grandpa! 
I have such a remarkable grandfather, and today he turned 95!

 Isn't he just the cutest? So adorable!

He is kind of a big deal, so check him out . . .

I love my grandpa. So much!

Everyday I'm Tunneling {6,829 steps}

Hezekiah's Tunnel was an absolute dream! I felt like I was at Disney Land!
We started out the day by walking to the City of David, overlooking the city, and checking out some ruins.
No one plucks my harp...

City of David
with Davo!

The tunnel is 533 m long and starts at the Gihon Spring and leads all the way down to the Pool of Siloam. 
Pre-game before the tunnel

Then we were ready to enter the tunnel! Head lamps at the ready - we jumped on in!
I I I so excited
Tunneling it up!
I was laughing the entire time we were in the tunnel. It was pitch black, the water was up to our knees for the most part, even higher in others, and I didn't mind one bit! I danced, skipped, jumped, frolicked...My headlamp even had a strobe light feature and there was MUCH dancing. And we saw that it was good. And it twas.

We made it!                             

Before . . . After
We look sad - but just because we were wet and cold . . .
I would go back in a heartbeat!

And the Finale . . . Speedo anyone?
  The real finale of this trip was ending at the Pool of Siloam, sitting on the steps, singing hymns, and listening to this beautiful poem that Cassidy wrote:

Forever At His Feet
~St. John 9:1-12

–He stopped for me.
On the corner of the street I lie with no sight-–
At His feet I plea. 

“Who did sin?” ask the three
When they see my eyes clouded by forever night.
–He stopped for me.

Astounded that I was chosen when you didn’t leave; 
My hands search for Him in my delight.
At His feet I plea. 

Spittle made from clay, and I believe; 
His thumbs anoint mine eyes, my wretchedness despite.
–He stopped for me.

“Go wash in the pool of Siloam,” directs He.
As I washed, came colors to my vision bright:
At His feet I plea

Through His love He has made me free 
Never will I forget the man in White who showed me light.
–He stopped for me.
At His feet I will plea.

Steps of the Pool
Beautiful Day in Jerusalem!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Zoo! {7,216 steps}


. . . OBVI

We went to Israel's Biblical Zoo and boy oh boy was it fun! 

So excied! 
Feeding the Giraffe

E-ster and Me playing
with the Marmots. . . 

We got buns on our heads but don't call us Bun-Heads

It was a glorious day to be out and about Jeru!

The animals were so beautiful and fun to watch!
and . . . At the end of the Zoo there was a "Noah's Ark" ! So fun !

Love my sissy <3

One of my favorite parts was being in the kiddo area. There are massive mosaic sculptures of animals that are absolutely amazing and beautiful to look at. We played around and took some pics with our zoo friends for a bit.
Playing in the Mosaic Sculpture Garden! 

After the Zoo we went and explored the Shuk, which is basically just a large, open-air market.
Seriously, I could have explored  around here for hours. 

Pomegranates as big as our faces . . . 

Beautiful Colorful Deliciousness