Monday, May 14, 2012

Galilee Dia Tres

 Galilee is a magical place.Today we hiked 5,046 magical steps through Gamla, which is a little town set up in the green hills of the Galilee. The foundation of the Gamla synagogue still stands today, and it is most likely the same stones that were there during the time of Christ.
Synagogue foundation

We frolicked in the green grass and yellow flowers through the rolling hills.
'Twas a grand day indeed.

My favorite friend, Miss Jen Riding

Da girls enjoying a mid-afternoon hike
Do the Courtney Neves

After leaving Gamla, we enjoyed a wonderful activity - 
This was an adventure and a half  . . .  We grabbed our paddles and found our rowing crew, and it was off to the races! Meg, Wes, Trav, SarahBeth, and I made a fantastic team, and together we conquered the deathly bushes and sharp tree branches which lined the banks of the river and tended to give us a poke every time we rounded the bend . . .
Just around the river bend!
Ok, sorry for the sidenote  -- but I can now check 'rafting down the jordan river' off of my bucket list.

Another item which no longer remains on my bucket list is eating a fish. WHOLE.
Thats right.
Bones 'n all.
Eyeballs and fishtail. 

Ok, I'm kidding of course. That is disgusting.
But, I did enjoy some delicious, Galilee-fresh fish! Hands down the best fish I have ever eaten.

Awww . . . the perfect ending to another perfect day : )

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