Monday, May 7, 2012

Galilee Day 2 - 7,031 Steps

Looking back on my trip, this day was one of my favorites.

We took a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee – stopping in the middle to have a devotional and talk about the personal "storms" which occur in each of our lives and what we personally can do to exercise faith and overcome them.
Check out my professors blog for more info!

And then...
We rocked out to Christian rock music -- starting the traditional outbursts of "Our God is an Awesome God!" Such great memories!

 Then we stopped at a museum and saw a 2,000 year old boat, dating back to the first century! It was amazing to see the type of structure that existed during the time of Christ.

Next up we visited the church of the Beattitudes, where it is believed Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount. This church was in a beautiful location, set up on a hill overlooking the Galilee. We had time to do our own personal scripture study and journal writing, and I often look back on the personal study I was able to have here and wish I could go back to that moment. I loved this site.

Then we went to Capernaum. 
We saw a synagogue which still has a 1st Century foundation, but has been rebuilt.
And we were able to see Peter's house! I love Peter : )

Then we visited Kursi. And ran down the hill like demonic swine. 

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